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Cerebral Palsy Attorney

Cerebral Palsy Attorneys

When children sustain an injury to their brains or have developmental problems, it could be caused by a group of disorders collectively called cerebral palsy. Children affected by cerebral palsy often have problems with seeing, hearing, moving, or learning. They usually do not reach certain milestones that other babies do and can start showing symptoms as early as three months old.

Causes of Cerebral Palsy

Even though newborns can be born with cerebral palsy as an unfortunate birth defect, it can also occur due to medical neglect and malpractice during the labor and birthing process. Doctors and other attending medical personnel have a legal obligation to monitor both mother and child for any signs of distress. There are many errors that occur that experts say can cause a child to have cerebral palsy. Some of this negligence can also happen during the months of prenatal care. There are laws that hold these negligent medical professionals responsible.

Medical Costs of Cerebral Palsy

Every year in America, as many as 8,000 children will be diagnosed with this debilitating disorder. Families can spend thousands of dollars getting the medical attention that their child needs. These expenses can include medicines, therapies, and special equipment for ambulation. When these children become adults, they often must stay on costly medical regimens and may not be able to work.

Legal Action

In cases where children are born with cerebral palsy because of medical malpractice, parents can talk to experienced attorneys who can fight for their rights. Caring for a child with mental and physical challenges is a labor of love; however, it can be quite expensive. There are attorneys who can help families take legal action against negligent medical professions to get the financial judgment they truly deserve. Most cerebral palsy attorney have free consultations and may take such cases based on contingency.